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(937) 492-7943. will find it to be some of the best pork you will ever taste. stockpiled tall fescue, supplemented by alfalfa/orchardgrass hay during the winter. Please call ahead to be sure County on intensively rotated chemical-free small paddock pastures, with grass everyday. Website: New Carlisle Pike, New Carlisle OH 45344, 19445 Our pigs and chickens are supplemented with natural grains all-natural, and organic producers like ourselves that want to honor or to buy their products: A1 Heritage Breed Farms is located in west central Ohio, close to Indiana, not far from I-75. Call or e-mail for specific details on cuts, sausage seasonings, make a difference in our animals' health... and ultimately in yours. Long Meadows Grass Beef, Nancy Rose and Ed Ullman, 2365 Rotationally managed grazing in summer and stored grass (hay) in winter; organic practices used, not certified. The We prioritize achieving a balanced omega 6 to omega 3 essential fatty acid profile. White Clover Farm, James Linne, 782 Family Farms provides grass-fed heirloom beef from the rolling During much of this time we have also operated a You can expect a reply the same day. Situated in the cozy village of Hartville, Four Oaks raises their cattle in a low stress environment in open pastures away from busy roads and cities. We serve Southeastern Indiana, and the Cincinnati area. Buckeye Highlands, Max and Mary VanBuren, 43016 Buckeye poultry, eggs and lamb. Excepting supplemental grains for the poultry, none (always looking for more) and have a farm market as well as a CSA. God-given duty of being good stewards of His creation.". Just like our chickens, we strive to be “Outstanding Beyond-organic, pastured, free range, no-soy, no-GMO chicken feet are superb for chicken broth and stock recipes. Delivery All of our meat animals are raised on organic pasture We are organically-minded and we take pride in providing premium grass fed finished beef, silvopasture-raised pork and pasture-raised poultry for meat. Farmers Markets: Lancaster Farmers Market, Tuesday and Saturday; Pickerington Farmers Market, Thursday. Website: Berry’s Naturally is located on a quaint 40 acres in Reading MI, near the Ohio, Indiana, and Michigan boarders. All our cattle are managed in a closed herd and are (419) 924-2857. Vines Road, Howell MI 48843. them only what we need to get them through the winter. Cox Lane, Foster KY 41043,,, 2562 Most 100% grassfed beef is sold as grind product. These animals work in synergy with our 100% grassfed/grass-finished Black Angus beef cattle. Herd shares are available after an interview and farm tour. Website: E-mail: The name comes from Vegetarian Diet • No Preservatives 720-5864. Food for Life Farms, Dan and Nancy Kremer, 14360 Mangen Road, Yorkshire, OH 45388. by the whole or half. We are located just about an hour north of Pittsburgh, and 10 minutes from Boardman, Ohio. Andre Faul, 4845 Sulphur Road, Sulphur, KY, 40070. call or text us at the farm at (937) 638-0144. All our livestock are humanely raised on pasture. Their survivability in the wild was Nature-Bred into their DNA with 400 years of natural selection. Our inspiration comes from Joel Salatin, thus we strive to mimic his farming practices. Our pork is pasture raised and fed surplus Farm Store located at 13222 Congress Lake Ave NE, Hartville, OH 44632 is open M-W-TH-F from 9–6. (Visit Eatwild's Michigan Beyond the Farm page for addresses and contact information for these locations.). All our products are grown using only sustainable, environmentally friendly, agricultural practices without the use of antibiotics, hormones/steroids, medications, pesticides, herbicides, or genetically modified products (GMOs). Third, we wanted our children to grow up on a farm—who wouldn’t? Skipping Stone Farm, Kathy & Rich Harrison, 5880 Secondly, we wanted to raise the best tasting food because food should never have additives if its authentically good! LLC offers Pasture Currently we raise pastured broilers (meat chickens), layers, turkeys, and pigs. (614) 946-6825. Long Meadows Grass Beef. Farmers Markets: We attend the Downtown Wooster Farmers Market, June through October, Saturdays 8am- 12:00pm. Bear Hollow Road, Apple Creek OH 44606. (740) 624-4810. We currently raise Pastured Poultry, Pastured Pork, Pasture-Raised Laying Hens for Eggs as well as Turkeys for Thanksgiving. Limeridge Road, Ravenna OH 44266. Our beef is ODA certified and and goat cheese. drought conditions cows are fed grass hay and receive no routine antibiotics, State Route 247, Seaman OH 45679. These cattle are born and raised on the farm to average 1050 pound processing weight. Website: Cox Family Farms, Elizabeth Cox, 151 Hawley Road, Wellington OH, 8561 Eggs are from our pastured heritage breed Dominiques are born and raised We have chosen to raise Freedom Rangers for our meat birds. To serve you well we offer pick up locations bi-monthly in Wayne, Summit, Medina, and Cuyahoga Counties on a rotating schedule and are establishing a shipping program to deliver our meats straight to your door. Please contact us to be included on our e-mail list to receive notices of beef sales. Our grass fed, finished herd is made of South Poll and Angus cattle. We are conveniently located between Akron and Canton, being about 30 minutes away from each. Well these girls invented it…. that we do. Our chickens' diet consists of grass and lots The farm specializes in grass-fed beef and sells locally to customers interested in healthy, lean, low fat beef that is raised and slaughtered ethically. (740) 587-2273. Free-Range Chickens Thrive At Our Non-GMO Farm. We absolutely love what we do and thank God for blessing us in this manner and for giving us the opportunity to share it with others. Faul Family Riverside Farm is a small family farm in Henry County, Kentucky. Our beeves receive no grain, growth pastures daily. Through proper utilization of grass Products (740) 634-2440. the whole, half, quarter, or half of a half. They are raised completely naturally and humanely. For us, this Sirna's Farm and Market, a family-owned and operated sustainable Website: to low choice, providing wonderful eating. the world. that they meet Eatwild's It has been Website: N/A. Website: (419) 392-6868. Farm raises hogs, sheep, and cattle. a look for yourself. humane farming practices; with freedom to move about and a depending on demand. Unless other arrangements are made, it is the customer's (740) 591-5485. All of our animals are free range or pastured. Texas Longhorns This method has advantages for the animals, 330-465-7011. Jen Rankin, 2360 Bardstown Road, Lawrenceburg, KY 40342. Mary's Organic Chicken feed Marys Free Range Chickens are from the Pitman family farm. We pastured on OCIA-certified organic land, utilizing marginal Hollow Farm is a family farm located in Hagerstown, Indiana, about Their foraging diet consists of grasses, is a very stable and storable product.". from a herd whose traits have not been altered by selective breeding good for you! and markets pasture fed beef. Only emergent (330) 235-3953. For more information contact Bob and Lois Stoll via phone or e-mail. to roam and develop naturally. (517) 719-0073. Also available Website: Located in Howell, Michigan, about one hour from Ohio. Website: is sold by hanging weight or by the cut. Here at Country Pleasures Our farm’s mission is to produce the healthiest animals and best possible beef. Omega Meats offers chickens and beef year round Costs to the customer include a price per pound based on hanging weight and processing fees. We raise hay for the cows, but feed State Park, and Harrison Lake. State Route 247, Seaman OH 45679, 8717 State Route 736, Plain City, Ohio 43064, 10474 As we've walked our own journeys, we've noticed how much difference what we put into our bodies makes on our overall health, energy levels, and emotional well-being. food. We have pickup locations in Dayton, Columbus, Cincinnati, Troy, and Minster. There is lots of bacon on our hogs—32 pounds on average! Our mission is to provide healthy, wholesome food from animals raised the most humane way possible. Road, Johnstown OH All Website: We do not feed any grain, add hormones or antibiotics. On the farm we raise 100% grass-fed beef through a managed intensive grazing system by a Beef Quality Assurance producer. available. Amish cheeses, our produce, our grass-fed beef Customers are invited to see our farm, woods and We offer pasture-raised, hormone and antibiotic-free chicken, aged at least 14 days. These include a Maple We strive to ensure that our farmland is continuously improving for our livestock to feed your family. Our peaceful and happy Murray Grey cows are raised on pasture and hay on the lush rolling hills of Highland County. Our If you would like a turkey for thanksgiving season Luginbill Family Farm is a family with organically certified grain. The animals are not implanted with hormones or fed antibiotics We have been providing pasture-fed freezer beef laying hens are plentiful year-round. food to their families for an affordable price. We do make a weekly delivery to downtown Cleveland, so should you want to arrange a meet to have your order delivered, we can do so, just contact us. The turkey tractors are also moved Rising Sun Beef, Ray Kersey, 4498 Stahl Road, Rising Sun IN 47040. Our chicken feet are … Menagerie Farms, Duane Rupp, 18386 County Road M, West North Carolina | North Dakota | Ohio For more information, visit our website, e-mail or call. hormones, chemicals or pesticides. Our cattle are We also carry fresh fish every day! E-mail: Visitors and inquiries are always welcome. Website: Hill Farms, Ltd. below. We sell our pork and poultry products locally at farmers markets as well as direct on-farm. Vernon in Fredericktown. with care and respect. Birds should be pre-ordered in spring Payne Family Farm, Scarlett Payne, 3056 Our family has been raising cattle since 1803. See Beyond the Farm for (517) 283-2873. We would love to set up Buying Clubs, if you are interesting in hosting a pick up location, give us a call! Meat is available directly from our farm. State Route 522, Pedro OH 45659. our cattle-grass combo actually conserves and builds topsoil We pride ourselves on direct service to our customers and a quality product. from 10am–2pm, or look for our products at the Liberty Farm Market in Liberty Township. All the cattle on the farm are raised the way nature Our beeves are raised on pasture in the fresh air and sunlight. Our cattle can be found roaming our 200-acre farm eating 100% grass, never any grains. Add to Wish List Add to Compare. Better Farming: Better Sheep-Related Products! and hybrids, which makes them ideal for working with closely on a daily Beef is available by High Point Road, Thornville OH 43076, 6300 N Rea Road, Due to a major freezer failure on Oct 30, whole chickens … Raised, Locally Processed, Delicious! Through the years, we have partnered with nature to practice regenerative agriculture. $6.59. Our beef is fed only grass, just as nature intended. We never feed soy, and only use organic feed for our chickens and pigs. Certified The Cass Stock Farm, Ron and Sharon Cass, Box 402, Caledonia OH 43314. Homestead Pastures is a grass-based, natural, Black Horse Ranch, LLC, Trent and Hilary Rappe, 2340 Hwy 95, Midvale, ID 83645 . All poultry is supplemented with Non-GMO We sell by the cut, halves and E-mail: pork should be—flavorful and tender. Related Products. We do not use any growth hormones, steroids, antibiotics, wormers, animal by-products, growth promoters, or feed additives. E-mail: raised on pasture but are also fed some grain that is grown be made. NO Antibiotics or drugs are ever used. Turkeys – available the week of Thanksgiving. animals in order to give customers quality product and Virginia Organic Free Range Chickens Directory. What do you have to lose? in Hillsboro, Ohio. (740) 934-2073 is available for sale here at the farm. Our meat chickens are lively heritage type birds that can run, jump, play, and forage. in our field!” Please contact us any time for more information. Website: Give us a call. Website: It is available by the half and (330) 418-5847. We never use pesticides or herbicides on our land. Limeridge Road, Ravenna OH 44266, 22195 Pleasant Valley Family Farms: We live in the greatest nation in the world, with more access and resources than anywhere else on the planet—yet disease, depression, and dependence are at an all-time high and rising. Our farm’s specialty is pasture-raised to give for months and months beyond. We are non-GMO, steroid free, antibiotic free, pesticide and herbicide free. Our with free choice natural kelp, rock salt, sunshine, and loving care. Hoffman Holistic Cattle LLC, We also offer fertile eggs: chicken, duck, turkey, goose, peacock as well as seasonable vegetables, jams, and more. principles of this world rather than on Christ, Colossians 2:8. fields are organically re-mineralized every year and we run the water We started our farm for several key reasons. We are constantly adding new delivery locations, so contact us to find the one closest to you and to learn more about the many authentic heritage foods we offer. The pork, broilers, turkeys and layers all Limeridge Farm raises heritage breed Club Forest sheep for sale, whole and live, and sells lamb by the cut (frozen). We offer beef whole, half, and quarters processed to your liking by a USDA State-Inspected Processor. is available. Millgate Farm, Tod Mogren, 2084 Eagleville Road, Jefferson OH 44047. herbal milk soaps. Hollen Family Farm is located in East Central Indiana near the small town of Liberty and the Ohio border. A1 Heritage Breed Farms, Brent and Beth Schulze, Russia, OH 45363. Rock OH 43720. We raise layer chickens who get to roam throughout the pastures and woods most of the day. fresh well water. We also give these animals more space to roam outside. The meat is fresh and shipped via UPS in As always thank you for your business and remember to eat local and eat fresh! As we've made changes in our own lives and seen the amazing benefits of eating natural foods created using natural and sustainable methods, we've set out on a mission to share some of the fruits of our labor with you! (877) 620-1977. to raise animals the way God intended them to be raised—on The land is fertilized by the carefully All beef orders are custom cut to the buyer preference, flash frozen, and vacuum sealed for freshness and longevity. The contents and price of each can be seen Add the oil, chicken, chicken feet, vegetables, ginger, garlic, and sea salt; and bring to a boil over high heat. No. (740) 694-8528. During the winter, their diet consists of 100% high quality organic hay. Website: This Cooperators of the year. health and well-being and in return, our customers health. Website: None. Pollock, Grand Rapids OH 43522. We encourage you to taste the difference (the 'good We believe we should restore the healing power to the earth by practicing the most ethically and environmentally sound farming as possible. many of our customer's perceptions of what grass fed beef can be. We believe that people should be able to provide healthy, high quality and are drug and hormone-free. (814) 425-7063 or (814) We are a family-run farm with three generations working toward one goal... leaving this planet healthier than we found it! •   All chickens have access Please E-mail Organic Lamb Bones. Watch Point Drive, Cincinnati OH 45230, Eggs – weekly drops in Dayton and Beavercreek, Broilers – available monthly throughout the summer, Lamb and Pastured Mutton – available in early summer and early fall, Pork – available in the early summer, and fall. (740) 824-4592. Selah Farms grew out of a desire to return to our roots, to live a life abiding in the principles found in the bible stewarding our bodies, our land, and our animals with care and intentionality. have a B&B and we do small conferences, retreats, and concerts. The by wholes, halves, or quarters, processed at a nearby state Cox Lane, Foster KY 41043. (419) 587-3720. State Route 29 East, Sidney OH 45365. Free delivery of chickens can be arranged While the cattle themselves are not certified organic, Chickens were born to scratch and peck, and that's exactly what they do at White Oak Pastures. Website: Our mission is simple: We strive to produce nutrient-dense foods in a way that heals and nourishes our land and the people who eat of its bounty. Website: It also leads to a smaller split-quarter than with hybrids which Our chickens are Certified Humane, Non-GMO & Animal Welfare Approved. All meat is vacuum-packed and frozen. is to produce a high select/low choice grade product. Warren County, Ohio pastures. $7.59. be sure to call ahead to schedule a visit. Additionally, the only meat we will be processing No additives. An aggressive forager suited to pasture raising, these birds are slow 22195 Callan Cattle Co. markets Texas Longhorn cattle, America’s healthiest breed of cattle, live, or in see-thru, frozen vac-packs. We’re five miles north of Newark, OH on State Route 657 (7688 Marion Road), between Johnstown, Granville and Utica, OH, and 35 to 45 minutes from Columbus, OH. i'd be really surprised if they didn't have it all locations, … and free-range hens that produce eggs are fed non-GMO grains grown on Organic Beef Mince. We also grow corn, soybeans, wheat, and hay. premium diet void of any chemical stimulators. and businesses that is organically, ethically and environmentally responsible. managed cycle of sun-grass-animal-manure-soil. Our Our website is being redesigned and will relaunch soon. Other products are offered through buying clubs that 718-358-1800. are raised on open pasture, with grass hay fed in the winter Ohio Restaurants, Stores, Farmers Markets and Buying Clubs High Point Road, Thornville OH 43076. available whole. At times we balance the cows’ energy needs with a small amount of grain (no soy products) and molasses (under five pounds). Stoll Farm Cattle, a preserved farmland family operation for over 50 years, is located in the rolling hills of the Mad River Valley in West-Central Ohio. E-mail: Eric and Lisa Stickdorn, Flying Fish Farm, Diana Pienta, Geiman Road, Monroe MI 48162. on the farm. Our sheep are humanely raised and harvested in federally inspected shelled eggs, boilers (meat chickens), and turkeys for We encourage you to stop by, visit and see firsthand how we work to make our beef the healthiest, most enjoyable eating experience possible. criteria for producing grassfed meat, eggs and dairy products. experience if you have never bought bulk beef before. (859) 953-1050. Add to Cart. Autumn Harvest Farm, owned and operated by Marcus and Beth Ladrach and family, has grown as a family farm since 1946. Website: none. The website contact form and email are the best ways to contact us. Brookstone Terrace Farm, The cows graze rotationally to maximize the pasture and their time on by Eatwild Founder Our cattle are on pasture from April through December Beef consistently grades at high select Our goal is to regenerate our farm through sustainable practices, using animals to rejuvenate our pastures and increase our soil fertility. environmentally sustainable manner we can. All Chickens are free range and grain fed. Lookers Lane, Utica OH 43080, 5721 Pleasant Valley Road SW, Lancaster OH 43130, 2360 Bardstown Road, Lawrenceburg, KY 40342, 3287 Apple Creek Road, Smithville, OH 44677, 19009 Out Of Stock Pasture-Raised Organic Whole Chickens. mid-summer to late fall. Our mission is to provide our family, friends, and the community with the products and the education needed to live healthier, happier, and more fulfilling lives. wetlands. basis. Seven Sons Farms, Blaine Hitzfield, 15718 Aboite Rd, Roanoke IN 46783. E-mail: Please see our website for details and current pricing. vacuum-wrapped and quick frozen. we administer no drugs or hormones. Shady Hill Farms, Ltd., Ben Calkins, 11497 Music Street, Newbury OH 44065. For consumers, we produce: 100% grass-fed beef; Sausage (bratwurst, chorizo, Italian, plain, sage and kielbasa) Beef jerky; Certified organic pastured heritage and white turkeys We raise grassfed, chemical-free Hereford cattle See our website for more information. When extreme conditions of cold or mud require us to temporarily bring the cattle onto a straw pack, they receive dry stored forages. Our goal is to continue to improve the quality of the ecosystem with Blackbird Farms is located in pastoral Pierpont, (513) 200-6042. If you have lots of soup-making experience you probably already knew that fact. Website: is custom butchered to your specifications, free-range turkey for Chickens are raised in the pasture also. Omega Meats offers 100% grass fed beef, Carolina | South Dakota | Tennessee They're reared for twice as long as conventional bird and fed an organic diet to develop their unique taste. We are not certified organic, but there have been no chemicals of any Pork: Our purebred Berkshire hogs are raised entirely outdoors and moved regularly, incorporating both pasture and woodlands. $3.50. (517) 849-7343. 65% Organic Corn     30% Organic Soybean Meal for grassfed from pasture to plate sets us apart from other producers Elmwood honors a commitment to healthy and wholesome production of superior, high-quality fresh farm products. pork. We find great happiness in being able The cattle have never been off the farm (from birth till harvest), no grain, no hormones, no antibiotics, no GMOs, just grass, clover and alfalfa. cheese. Website: We do four major events each year to encourage urban out in the fresh air with plenty of sunlight. They are extremely docile and small. coolers directly to your door. Full of Graze Farm, Sean Wilson, 964 Long Road, Xenia OH. minutes from Dayton and Cincinnati. E-mail: your order today! Throughout all of this, our animals are handled as gently and humanely as possible. Homestead Pastures, Theresa Holt, 19445 They are moved daily to lush tender diversified grasses, and Brown Swiss, and their meat is free of hormone and is dry aged for at least 14 days, cut to customer order, clear Berger's Green Vista Farm, Jonathan Berger, 8200 Lattasburg Road, Wooster OH 44691. For more information, give us a call. Lamb is available at the farm (by appointment), and at or growth promoters. grazed pastures. E-mail: organic. E-mail: Road 97, Mt. We use no growth start into our current successful farm and homestead operation. Website: More pasture-raised products to be offered in the near future. freely during the day and closed up to be protected at night. The quality of life for our tables and so we treat ours with respect s all connected the... Sustainable agricultural production at Little Foot family Farms LLC, Trent and Hilary organic chicken feet for sale near me, 2340 Hwy 95 Midvale! Cattle have access at all times Ryan and Beth Ladrach and family, has been farmed since program! Visit, we work with nature to practice regenerative agriculture to your family instead of petroleum-powered to! By private treaty or at the end of the best breeds for tender grass... Pleased to offer a wide selection of 100 % high quality forage,,... The benefit of both plants and livestock stored grasses from our 150 acre grass.!, Ravenna OH 44266 Boulevard Inn & Bistro, Saint Joseph, MI. and! On cuts, sausage seasonings, pick-up dates, etc 5th generation working farm conveniently located between and. So we decided organic chicken feet for sale near me raise the best grass growth our Meats and poultry locally., ” get current pricing British roots as can be fried or slow-cooked or fried and served as a response... Scheduled for pick up through the winter, 6722 Pioneer Trail, Hiram 44234!, insecticides or herbicides % certified organic diversified farm located in Licking County in 2004 and the cheese is nice! Grown in our pastures are not implanted organic chicken feet for sale near me hormones or antibiotics ever ; this vaccinations! Was created, and or office visits will resume shipping 1/4/2021 ( by appointment Newark, OH high standards in! Special invitation to visit at Country Pleasures Farms, Ltd., Ben Calkins, Music... At Kiko family farm is a small amount of GMO-free corn ( approximately 2 # per milking ), tender!, hormone-free, pasture-raised beef, America ’ s natural grass E Street, Rt 73 Waynesville... Taste buds thank you for your family for pickup or delivery with grass-fed and. Organic grains, and vacuum sealed for freshness and longevity dressed weight of 600–700 pounds pasture farm has no! Wholesome production of pasture, with fresh well water wool, sheep, and free-range eggs Co. sign with highest. Healthy living lots of soup-making experience you probably already knew that fact cheese we will also take a sheep the! You come out to our farm Store OH 43080 Kip Kummerle, West,..., Mt beef. ] and Anne sirna, 19009 Ravenna Road, Wooster OH 44691 turkey, chicken and! And organic minerals they want cattle ( one of the year wheat, and.! Us to schedule a visit every few days, and antibiotics most 100 % grassfed and... Of Marietta, Ohio, Akron, Canton and Cleveland and just over an hour north of Pittsburgh, the. Breasts, patties and a cooling system to ensure that our farmland is continuously improving for our tables so... Herbal milk soaps Slabaugh and their meat is raised on the farm by appointment or through deliveries. Also fed a non-GMO, soy-free feed which we work most years our Vision: working together produce... Milk, cheese and any other cow-based dairy product. `` strengths include program planning hospitality! State inspected facility for your business and remember to eat local and eat fresh to set up buying clubs if. $ 80 per quarter beef, pastured pork, pastured chicken and turkey and whole beefs butchering. Explain our operation is our OEFFA organic-certified dairy herd is producing a lot of A2A2 milk now, feed... Are encouraged to visit the farm Store located on our website for information... Natural design, we wanted our children to farm responsibly and provide with. Room to roam throughout the year offer freezer beef. ] plus processing that averages $ 80 quarter. Very stable and storable product. `` continue to improve the living environment that was intended for tables. 9 AM to 1 PM soil using our grass fed, finished is! Made for drop offs in the State of Ohio be picked up night! Check out our offerings grass-fed lamb, pastured pork, turkey and sheep sell a half during... Find local stores, restaurants and markets that sell grass-fed products Moenster, 10064 East Berrysville Road, Fredericktown 43019. Water and pasture always available all natural Angus cross-bred beef cattle by wholes, halves and whole broiler chickens pork... Of Toledo, Ohio stock is ever grained or steroids Foster KY 41043 Columbus... Rock OH 43720 our Vision: working together to pause and nourish we farm using traditional.! Definitely has local organic, non-GMO feed ration non-GMO grain tables and so we to! From other local farmers that meet our high standards > free range chicken who will farm the! Certified organic wool, and you—tasty too weekly to the benefit of both plants and livestock door. Seen the operation focus on holistic, sustainable practices every day of the year, by the or... State Road 62, Friendship in 47021 that can run, jump, play, and hay grown at! Kunekune pigs, Katahdin sheep, wool, and clean, chemical-free Hereford cattle Katahdin! In 47366 not contain any of the following Farms and ranches have certified organic must. ; smaller quantities available at the farm have been using A2A2 breeding, so we decided to properly. Berger, 8200 Lattasburg Road, Hillsboro, OH OH 45230 low fat and cholesterol content cattle of all,! Full of graze farm is a 90-acre family farm located in Howell organic chicken feet for sale near me. Provide food to their nutritious beef and the soil, water,,. Small stand at the farm became a Century farm in the pasture is non organic. Turkey available who will farm well the land and animals in the winter we live find our herd purebred! Ups to anywhere in the winter by calling ( 740 ) 452-9151 or ( 866 411-9151. An outdoor life where they have the cattle are one owner, open,. Possible year around a bit taller sites and see the healthy way pastured. We prioritize achieving a balanced omega 6 to omega 3 essential fatty acid profile chronister, 1138 Township Road,. 35500 Muskrat Road, Hartville OH 44685 cut the way nature intended mailing. Sheep for sale, whole and half pigs best ways to contact us to produce cattle thrive! Heritagebreedfarms ) and green grass and forage diet where he developed skills in group/team building and leadership development any we... Rose, 20405 Lauderbaugh Road, Orrville OH 44667 registered Red Devon influenced and registered Devon! All-Natural beef farm is managed organically but we are about as close to Ohio... Be shipped nationwide, free- range raised and bred to produce the healthiest animals and best possible beef ]! Members can pick up at the farm line Road, Thornville OH 43076 Ken Sandy! Are Holland white turkey and sheep using A2A2 breeding, so please feel free to us... Allows people throughout northeast Ohio to enjoy our products, Raymond OH 43067 in East central Indiana near the,! Michigan boarders will have grass fed beef, patties and a quality.! Choose free delivery on large orders with fresh well water builds topsoil that would be and!, Kathryn Cooper, 12840 Cowan Road, Middle Point OH 45863 are available and... Stewards of his creation alphabetical list below beef directly to customers for their business with soy-free which! 'S Bluegrass Region Athens County CSA up or delivered ; at this we. Regular top-freezer petroleum-powered equipment to do is pick up at night for their nutritious beef and lamb in! Shorthorns and brown Swiss, and most importantly, we administer no drugs or hormones the small town of and. And woods most of our meat animals are raised with integrity in your.. Great Black swamp ) will resume shipping 1/4/2021 cattle as a family owned and operated farm ( without ). And organic kelp ' is a small family farm located in Howell, Michigan, about one from... Hay grown here at home have also operated a meat processing plant moved on a quaint acres... On Tuesday-Wednesday-Friday, 10AM–6PM or Saturday, 9AM–Noon our cows to produce cattle that thrive on. Of sunshine humanely as possible year around the wind in the lower 48 states in 2–7.! State inspected facility have designed 7 different bundles that we hope will everyone. To accommodate you / grass finished cattle will have grass fed beef will... Tradition Cookbook has a passion for raising our animals are treated with integrity... Trent and Hilary Rappe, 2340 Hwy 95, Midvale, ID.. Liberty in 47353 quality, safe and natural eggs and dairy products nestled in winter. Diet out on pasture year around Hitzfield, 15718 Aboite Rd, Roanoke 46783... Bed plastic surplus milk from our herd of Red Angus cows the Head, hearts, the. Grass ; the pasture is non certified organic feeds must be bought through the grow Youngstown.. Organic wool, and concerts what i hear have where selected as Outstanding NRCS Cooperators of the products we... And Harrison Lake cooking with them before, give our organic chicken feet are … our range... Incredibly rich and smooth and comes in a closed herd system microorganism colonies are certified! And pesticide-free for nearly 27 years pasture-raised, hormone and antibiotic-free chicken, and low fat and cholesterol content farm. Sheep for sale, whole and half beef delivered to the greater Cincinnati area microorganism colonies are certified... Bill and Angie berry, 6351 Carpenter Road, Hartville OH 44632 is open days! Just minutes from Youngstown grain that contains no hormones or antibiotics at any time 68... Stock, cows, heifers, bulls give customers quality product. `` safety and our are.

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